Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Skarsgard a possibility for Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

by: Super Marcey

Variety is reporting that Stellan Skarsgard (watch out for him in next years THOR) is in talks for the role of Martin Vanger in the remake of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. The character of Vanger is a suspect in the disappearance of a teenage girl. He was played by Peter Haber in the original.

On the subject, Stellan had the following to say.
"I've met (director David) Fincher; I want to work with him; he wants to work me. I've had a concrete offer, and now we are in negotiations. The contract is for the period September to March, but I don't know yet when I am supposed to start my part of the film."

He also brought up a few more details on the shooting locations.

"Most of it is to be shot in Stockholm, but some studio work will be done in the U.S. I think there might be some location work there as well, when it becomes too dark to shoot here."

Daniel Craig has already been cast in the film as Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist. The part of Lisbeth Salander has yet to be cast. Last week we found out about a few prospects (Rooney Mara, Lea Seydoux, Sarah Snook and Sophie Lowe) but nothing has been set in stone as yet.

Source: Variety

SPILLED BLOOD: Star of the original, Noomi Rapace (above).

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