Friday, June 26, 2009

Frustration and whole lot of code

So I am working on getting a website together for a person very special to me. I am really excited about it, I really enjoy doing website stuff ect ect...

Now I had an idea in mind, a layout, design, and I was determined to make a sample of it to show. All was going well and then I came across a problem, and it was very frustrating, and it seemed like no matter what I was doing, I couldn't fix the problem. I looked up the subject, and found some forums where people were posting for help on the same problem. I tried the solutions people had suggested and none of them worked. I was sitting and typing up the code and re typing code, trying all sorts of things. It got to the point where all I could see was code. I felt like I was in The Matrix. I know when you have to use code daily you probably get used to it, and like they say in The Matrix you don't see the code, you see what it represents. I was really feeling that, and I finally solved the problem I was having, and its all good.

After all that, I did get some good feedback that what I was working on was in the right direction of what was wanted with the site. So there is a LONG way to go, but I have a good feeling about this, and I am sure it will turn out great!

In other news, I have been battling a cold all damn week. This has kept me from doing other things I wanted to get done this week. This better clear up soon, going to be having a small meet up with some other people from the Empire Aus Forum tomorrow. Going to see TF2 at the IMAX, which should prove an interesting experience. With all the bad press I am actually even more eager to see it! I need to know just how bad it really is, and well just how hot Megan Fox looks on IMAX.

I also got a call on Wednesday about a job interview, after weeks of all the applying ect ect, I finally got a call. I had the interview yesterday morning in the city, and I have to say it did go rather well. I had to do a bunch of tests and my results were very good. Above average, which is very good, and my newly revised resume seemed to impress. I possibly will have another interview early next week, it will be an entry level position. Fingers crossed, this would be really good.

So yeah, quite a week, I got this website work and also the interview. I also watched a bit more of S7 of 24, and I am hooked. I am around half way through, I've managed to avoid spoilers thus far too. Next on the list to watch is to finish S2 of SeaQuest and The Wire, start True Blood as well. I have a lot of films to watch as well, I need to finish Outlander, I started it and I was liking it, but then I didn't finish it. I also want to check out the F13 remake. I did rewatch May and New Nightmare this week, both fantastic films.

In the world of my other interest, wrestling, WWE did the whole Donald Trump stunt and by the sounds of things, it didn't work out very well. Did they really get the ratings they reported? Raw pretty much is a mess of a show, the highlights are when they feature Smackdown storylines. ECW is pretty good too, but Smackdown is where it is at in the WWE. CM Punk is the Champ, feuding with Jeff Hardy. I am waiting for that full blown heel turn. TNA had their Slammiversary PPV and it was one of the best PPVs I've seen in awhile. Most of the matches were excellent, but some out comes were disappointing. Seriously, one of the Motorcity Machine Guns needed to win the X Div title! Bad mistake there! I knew either Angle or AJ would win the Worlds Title, and Angle won after Joe turned heel and joined the MEM. The Monters Ball match was awesome, Taylor and Daffney did such a fantastic job, and I can't believe Daffney and Raven both got the thumb tacks! I read Impact results, that should be interesting to watch too.

Well I have a book to finish reading, and I have the writers bug too. I have some great ideas swarming and I am going to get those down.

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