Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Review Rewind: Inland Empire

I thought I would revisit a past review, I purchased this film on DVD off Amazon, I had not seen it. The trailer had blown me away, and well it was the latest David Lynch film. David Lynch is my favourite director, I love his films. If you haven't seen a David Lynch film, Inland Empire is not the one to start with. Blue Velvet or Mulholland Dr. would be good starts to the world of Lynch. Check out the trailer, and then on to the review.

(Written on 4th of Nov 2007)

Lynch has done it again! Another warped film, that is utterly amazing. This is really difficult to actually review. There is just so much here, and the way it is done, just done so well. Much like Lost Highway and Mulholland Dr. this has the same kind of thing, characters, becoming different people. You know the drill. David Lynch has done this in such a way that you can decide for yourself what is going on, the clues are there. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.

I was amazed, this is a three hour film, not once did it drag, it actually felt like a 90min film and I wanted so much more. Laura Dern is this movie, she simply puts on a career best performance. I know this film will be hated, it is not for those who want things handed to them gift wrapped. This is a film that makes you think, like trying to solve a mystery. That is the beauty of Lynch's work, he makes you think, he forces you to use your head, to think, to find answers. Quite simply, I love you David Lynch!

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