Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen


Transtesicles 2: Revenge of the Lame Jokes

That is pretty much what it was, I was really pumped to see this. I didn't have much interest in seeing the first but I came around and gave it a shot. And I liked it alot, it was such a fun movie. Then the bad reviews for this came in, and the more I heard about how bad it was the more I wanted to see it.

Now for me the film didn't get off to a good start seeing as I tripped up the stairs getting to my seat and hurt my knee pretty badly. So I spent the film in physical pain, and getting extremely annoyed by this little kid who kept getting up and stepping on my feet and knocking my hurt knee. But on to the actual film, this is the kind of film to see on IMAX, its big, its loud, it had its fun moments. The scenes done for IMAX were really good to look at, and it was quite amazing. Towards the end when it kept changing that was distracting. Michael Bay certainly knows how to do special effects, but I think that is also where the problem lies. He was worrying too much about that and forgot about the rest.

The script was terrible, it didn't make much sense, consistancy? Forget about it! Lame jokes? Check! Testicle jokes? Check! Stereotypes? Check! John Turturro's ass? Check! Seriously did anyone read the script? Did they bother to watch the first film again? The script was rushed, yes, but seriously a donkey could do better. Sure they want this to appeal to everyone, but did we need the lame and stupid toilet humor? No we did not. We didn't need to see dogs humping, we didn't need to see a bot humping Megans leg, what did that add to the story? Nothing! It got a pathetic this is lame laugh out of me. Skids and Mudflaps, why were they there? That was truly terrible! Why did Devestator have giant balls? Oh yeah, because they needed another lame testicle joke! This film was 2 and a half hours, it could have been edited to a 90min film and one that could easily get 4 stars. It dragged and felt so long by the second half, I wanted it to end.

I am giving this 2.5/5, and most of that is due to some awesome action scenes and how hot Megan Fox was.

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