Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hot Fuzz & Silence Of The Lambs

Hot Fuzz


An awesome good time of a movie.

After watching it for a second time, it still is an awesome good time of a movie. I still prefer Shaun Of The Dead but this comes pretty close. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are hilarious, they work so bloody well together and this type of movie just fits them perfectly.

Silence Of The Lambs


Now this is an example of how to make a good serial killer movie. I guess it helps you have Jodie Foster in one of her best roles (The Accused & Taxi Driver come to mind too) and Anthony Hopkins truly chilling as Hannibal Lector. The actual serial killer itself is rather interesting, I guess we have Ed Gein to thank for that. While this might be everyones favourite Hannibal movie, I do love Manhunter. Brian Cox as Hannibal has to be seen. One of the films best moment has to be the part in the dark, of course for those who haven't seen it, you just have to experience it. Naturally the other highlights are Starling and Lectors scenes.

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