Thursday, November 29, 2007

The results

Well I went to the doctors and my x-rays came back fine, everything looks like it should lol it said my spine is curved, I do have the swan spine posture, nothing that can be done there. So there are obviously other problems affecting my back. The doctor ordered a blood test so I got that done, I'll go there in two weeks and see what it says. I also had dose one of three of the cervical cancer vaccine, and then also in two weeks I get my 2nd ever pap smear, what fun lol!

Got a new dress today, reduced from $20 to $11 which was good. Got some knee length tights, with some lace on the bottom, they had 2 for $20 so me and Mum got one each, and I got a $6 tank top. Mum bought a few things, a really nice skirt brown and blue which was $39 reduced to $22, good deal there.

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