Thursday, March 12, 2009

Latest Film Reviews

I still haven't reviewed Watchmen, I want to watch it again before I review it.

The Last Dragon - 3/5 - This was a bad film, but a highly enjoyable one. It is so typically 80's and it ooozes with cheese! More hilarious is really small roles for William H Macy and Chazz Palminteri! CLASSIC! I can't believe I hadn't seen this before, definitely one I will watch again and have a good time!

Best Of The Best - 4/5 - I kind of remembered this, but not really. I enjoyed it though, 5 guys chosen for the American Karate Team to face off against the Korean Team. Chris Penn is hilarious, I always liked him as an actor. Eric Roberts rules this movie, his long hair is so bad ass. I liked how it ended too, it was pretty good. Enjoyable, and probably watch it again haha!

Best Of The Best 2 - 3/5 - This doesn't have much to do with the original aside from some of the characters. Its alright, its actually quite brutal in parts and I don't think it really suited it. The really awful badie brought the film down, he couldn't act and he looked a bit ridiculous but the guy that played him was the biggest body builder at the time. It was kind of over the top, some ways good, some ways bad. Again I just loved Eric Roberts, the man looked in fantastic shape at the time! I have a feeling if I had seen this as a kid I'd have probably loved it.

The Specialist - 2.5/5 - Not a total disaster, its enjoyable in the way that it is so bad it is good. Sharon Stone was totally wrong for the role, Sylvestor Stallone does his thing, and he's fine. James Woods is classic, just love the guy. Eric Roberts again haha and he was good, although you gotta wonder why he wants Sharon Stone lol. The sex scene between Stone and Stallone is that bad, not as bad as the Showgirls one, but BAD. You get a really good laugh! That is what this film really delivers, the laughs!

Street Fighter - 1/5 - This is a terrible film, **** knows what they were thinking when they cast this and **** knows what they were smoking when they wrote the script and well everything else! I mean it is soo bad that is freakin hilarious and it is one of the funniest films of all time LOL! I mean yes lets cast Van Damme as the AMERICAN Guile, I mean...seriously...of all the actors you can cast as Guile...I LOVE Van Damme, but he shouldn't have been Guile. Kylie Minogue as Cammy, what they couldn't hire a Brit for the role?? Kylie isn't an actress...made quite clear here! Then we have Japanese Sumo wrestler E. Honda, suddenly becomes Hawiian! RIGHT!!! And what is the deal with Blanka...and Dhalsim, I mean really??? And the storyline, WEAK and SHIT, and urgh! They unintentionally made one of the best comedies!

Best Of The Best 3: No Turning Back - 2/5 - This had nothing to do with the other films except one character. Poorly written, it all doesn't make much sense. Over the top! It was unintentionally funny as well. At least Phillip Rhee puts on good fight scenes, he's build pretty solid too! He likes to show it off since he only wears muscle tops i the film.

The Buddy Holly Story - 4/5 - I thought this was pretty good actually, it showcases the music more than anything which is awesome. Surprisingly Gary Busey is excellent as Buddy Holly, I really couldn't imagine him in the role until I actually watched it. What I really liked actually was that the film finished on a high note, with a fantastic final performance. Certainly worth checking out if you love Buddy Holly or music from that era.

Kickboxer - 4/5 - I really love this movie, I think it is awesome! I mean it isn't a masterpiece but for the type of film that it is, its great! Van Damme is fantastic, seriously he is! The martial arts in the film are awesome, all the fight scenes are great, as is the training stuff. Classic late 80's film, so enjoyable! This is going to get worn out for sure.

The King Of The Kickboxers - 3.5/5 - Get this out of the way first, this film is not Oscar material! The storyline is a Kickboxer rip off, the acting is horrid, the script is rubbish! However these things make this a pretty awesome film! Everything is rather hilarious, and man the training scenes are freakin' classic! Loren Avedon is such a bad actor and I just loved him in it! The ending is classic! I will definitely enjoy watching this again!

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