Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Hairhouse Warehouse annoys me

See you just want to buy something that will help with Frizz and they end up selling you products you don't really need and that don't even work.

They convinced me last year to to buy this anti frizz Shampoo and Condition and also some other stuff. So far it hasn't gotten rid of my frizz, and my hair does not go as straight either and it seems to go back to being curly alot quicker. My scalp has also gotten rather dry since using the stuff.

I decided not to use the stuff, and my hair hasn't looked this nice for months! It hasn't even been this straight for months. My scalp doesn't even look dry now! What a difference that made.

They just want to make money, and will sell you garbage to get it. You don't get the truth from the so called experts, you get more BS. They can shove their over priced products that don't even work.

Now being unemployed again, I am not going to bother going there and I will stick to the Supermarket stuff that seems to do just fine most of the time! And I will certainly find a better priced place to get my hair cut as well.

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