Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lie With Me


This movie gets two stars, and why only because Eric Balfour is amazing to look at, with clothes and without clothes. Otherwise this was not a good movie, I found the characters to be unlikeable, and I was so annoyed with Lauren Lee Smith. I could not stand her character, her minimal voice over was annoying too, what she had to say, not interesting. Sure they tried to have this from a females point of view, sex that is, but it just did not work at all for me. The sex scenes are confronting, and they aren't bad (Except one), but also can't help feel they did it in the way that they did to get this film noticed. Lauren Lee Smith spends most of the movie nude, or wearing see through clothes (Yes that is soo realistic, not). There is a nude dance sequence which looks so stupid, it was hard to watch. Even the character of David's sick old man you see nude, they wanted lots of nude, and it was all so pointless. I really can't recommend this, only if you want to sit through a bad movie and see Eric Balfour naked and having sex. Even then, fast forward everything else!

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