Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Tripper


Totally wasn't expecting much going in, just that it was about a dude in a Reagan mask who kills hippies. And well that David Arquette directed and co-wrote it. This actually quite surprised me, it is alot of fun once it gets going, its silly for sure, and quite trippy with the hippies and their drugs. Best part about the movie is without a doubt Thomas Jane, he is DA MAN! I love him, and he seriously owns in this (he owns in everything), this wouldn't have been as good without him and his handle bar moustache. Sure the acting wasn't great, and some bits were a little slow, but overall I had fun. The characters for the most part I found to be really annoying, usually they try to make them likeable, but I wanted to see them bite the dust. Usually I like Jaime King, her character in this was soo annoying, I wanted to just axe her lol! I'd recommend this to those who like silly slasher types, and well if you wanna see hippies get whats coming to them lol.

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