Thursday, October 4, 2007

Planet Terror


Basically this is an exploitation movie, over the top everything, not much of a storyline, just excuses to have lots of blood and gore. Its pretty enjoyable if you like these kinds of movies (Like I do), and in this Unrated DVD edition they kept the Grindhouse format, theres a missing reel, the quality is all over the place, it loses colour ect... but it worked for the film. The actual effects are really good, too good for the B or even C grade they were aiming for. The acting isn't great but it isn't supposed to be. The characters are over the top but enjoyable, could have done without Fergie but meh. Just like with Death Proof one of the strongest things about the film is the soundtrack, its pretty awesome. Also what was cool was they had the fake Machete trailer, it was a shame the same wasn't done with Death Proof. Oh and for those who just wanted to see this for Rose with her gun leg, skip to the end.


sevnetus said...

OK Super Girl, you've reminded my I've got to see Grindhouse. Thank you.

Marceyness said...

Yeah too bad you have to see them separately but at least they are full length