Sunday, September 30, 2007

Entourage, House & Smallville

Firstly, time to cap off Entourage Season 4. Probably a weaker season but I enjoyed it all the same. The first episode was done so differently then all the rest, I thought it worked. Seeing them actually work on the film was a good change. I absolutely loved Walsh, such a crazy character. Not to mention Rhys Coiro is gorgeous, I love his long hair too hehe, but he plays Walsh to perfection. Eric was also a bit off and on this Season, but it was funny that he was right all along. He didn't think the film was good, at least the way Walsh had edited it and considering the reaction at Cannes, he was right on. Its too bad Vince didn't listen to him. Interesting experiment with Eric being Anna Faris' manager and I knew it wouldn't work out, and I think Vince was jealous deep down of course. Not much for Turtle this season really, such a shame because he is a good character. Any time with Johnny Drama is gold, goodness the animal love thing was hilarious and just so tasteless too! I love how in the finale he got that woman, and everyone saw them screwing on the beach haha! I can't wait for Season 5, but yes, it is a long wait and hopefully worth it!

Now on to House, Season 4 opener was an enjoyable one. House without a team is interesting, and he didn't handle it all too well, even though he wanted to prove he could. I love how he used the janitor, classic House behaviour. What was even better was Wilson kidnapping House's guitar hahaha. Love the stuff between them. The actual case ended up being rather interesting and the conclusion was very sad. But it was something they hadn't done before, and it was done well. Be interesting to see House try and chose a team, those poor doctors hehe.

Smallville is back for its 7th season, we left last Season with Bizzaro Clark getting created. The episode itself was alright, some things were rushed as usual and somethings were rather dumb. Lois was terrible in this episode, one minute she cares about Chloe the next she doesn't. Poorly handled. Chloe waking up in the morgue was good, I liked it when she burnt her death certificate. But it is getting a bit tiresome with Clark facing his evil self or him being evil or something. Lana is alive, we all knew she faked her death to frame Lex. She looked awful in that blonde wig too. Lex thinking he saw an angel, I wonder if he'll realize who it was. The angel he saw was Supergirl aka Kara Zor-El, Clarks cousin. Apparently shes been in a ship in suspended animation for years and what happened let her ship out. Find out more next episode, as its all about her. I am excited, and I really hope they do things right. The actress has the right look, she looked good in the episode and she flies! Bring it on! I can't wait to see Dean Cains guest appearance, I've been waiting so long for this. And we also get Helen Slater playing Lara, Clarks bio mamma, for at least two episodes! Talk about perfect casting! I'm loving it, can't wait to see it!

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