Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mr. Brooks


Certainly an interesting take on the genre, we're given a character who seems perhaps the least likey person to be a killer. Although isn't that whats scary? He looks like the man next door. This was a perfect role for Costner, he suited it so well. Nice to see him back in form. And as his counter part William Hurt was prefect, they played off each other so well, it really was a treat. Surprised by Dane Cook, I didn't expect much from him but he actually delivered most of the time. I think the weakest link was Demi Moore, not right for this role at all. Not that she was bad, but I don't think it suited her. Her storyline was the weakest and most unneccessary, it took away from the main plot and was just a distraction. I didn't find her character all that convincing either. Overall I enjoyed the film, it would have got 4 stars but Demi just brought it down.

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