Sunday, September 9, 2007

Knocked Up


I thought this was a really enjoyable comedy, much like The 40 Year Old Virgin, it gives us some unique, funny and quirky characters. Seth Rogen is kind of cute as the loser type character who gets Katherine Heigl knocked up. They both have great chemistry together, which really makes their relationship work. Without that I don't think the movie would have been quite as enjoyable. Paul Rudd is always reliable, and well he's just adorable here. Leslie Mann was cast because she's married to Judd Apatow I'd imagine but she was good in her roll, although she was more hilarious in her small role in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) was pretty good too, I like the guy. Be nice to see him in movie films, he's good. I'd recommend this if you like The 40 Year Old Virgin and similar films.

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