Sunday, September 16, 2007



I guess you could call this a slow burning film, about 50's Hollywood and George Reeves and fictional character Louis Simo who investigates Reeve's death and also life. So basically you have two storylines which parallel each other, Reeves and Simo's. Not hard to follow and quite interesting really. Ben Affleck puts in one of his best performances as Reeves, you can tell he put alot into the role and it pays off. Brody is good too, in what I'd easily describe as a sad role. Diane Lane who is always excellent is no different here. Bob Hoskins is scary, he suited the role perfectly. This isn't really an easy film to recommend, I can see that people would find it maybe a bit boring (I didn't really at all), and I am sure there are many Affleck haters and doubters but he really is excellent in this. This movie could have been better, but I enjoyed it for what it was. They really leave you with a sense of mystery, its there from the start and it doesn't go away, I think that is one of the strong points.

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