Thursday, September 20, 2007

Price Reduction

Woo so I got a new dress for the wedding I will be attending on Saturday. It was $200 and reduced to $30, I really couldn't believe my luck. It looks really pretty on me, the colours look really good as well. I was a bit worried I wouldn't find anything and this was the first dress I tried on. With my weird and stupid body shape, its hard to find clothes that fit right. With a huge ass, and stomach that will always stick out, and well a huge bust size, it is hard. But I did drastically change my diet and life style (I exercise daily OMG) I am going to drop alot of this weight I've gained this year. I am no longer eating shit foods and over eating (Which was a major problem) and according to tape measure and scales I have lost weight. It'll be a slow weight loss, but that will be better in the long run and I'll be sure to keep it off. I actually have the motivation to do this, and stick with the changes I've made. If only I could get a good nights sleep now *sigh*

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