Thursday, September 27, 2007

So many shows!!

Tis the season for TV shows, actually its always the season lol but in the US all the main shows I watch have started up again!

Most importantly HEROES is back with Season 2! I'd rather not give anything away to anyone who is reading this and hasn't seen it yet. I'll just say I liked it alot, I like where things stand on the show and where things will go. Interesting things with two new characters, and interested to find out what happened to some characters. Kristen Bell is coming into the show in a few episodes, that should be awesome. The new badie seems really good too, we haven't seen him at all, just heard about him. I can't imagine we'll actually see him or find out who it is till probably mid-season, much like with Sylar in Season 1. Although we saw Sylar in the shadows, we didn't find out anything about him till episode 10. Can't wait for next weeks episode too, I've seen 5 clips and I have to say I am interested as anything! Bring it on!

In other shows news, I checked out the pilot to the new show Cane, and I didn't mind it at all. Although I am probably biased because it stars Nestor Carbonell and he's really hot. He used to be on Suddenly Susan, he played one of the crazy assassins in Smokin' Aces and he played Richard on Season 3 of Lost. He is mighty fine, but besides his sexiness, the show wasn't bad at all. I'll keep watching for sure.

NCIS is back too, now I have no idea if I missed things in Season 4, but there were things I was just so clueless about! Wow I should really pay more attention, I dunno if it was supposed to be that way or if I was so dumb I didn't pick up on the clues. I guess maybe I was a bit busy drooling over Michael Weatherly to pay close attention to the finer details lol. But the season 5 opener was fantastic! Can't wait to see more, and to go back and revisit the earlier seasons as well.

And now I must talk about Law & Order: SVU! What a bloody fantastic episode the Season 9 opener was! With how the last season ended, everything in the shit, I was wondering in which direction they'd go. It was sooo damn goood! Although why did Mariska have to cut her hair, I thought she looked great with it longer. Anyway I love the new cast addition with Det. Lake, he works so well with Fin too. I hope they get their own episode, not that I don't want the others. I mean I hate it when Elliot isn't on it lol! After all Elliot is played by Chris Meloni, one of the hottest men on the planet! But SVU rarely disappoints, I can't remember a bad episode, and this season is shaping up to be fantastic.

I just started watching Damages too, I've seen three episodes and I gotta say, it is off to a fantastic start! Glenn Close is excellent, she always is! This show has me hooked already! I love the format, and the mystery, how things are unravelling, its soo good. One of the better new shows, I can't wait to check out more episodes and catch up.

I'm still in the process of watching Season 6 of 24, I have to say it is the weakest season so far, but I am still enjoying it so far. Jack at least is still saying damnit quite often, I'd be disappointed if he didn't. Oh and lets hope Kiefer all the best, the idiot got done for a DUI, don't these people learn anything? Gah!

I'll post more about my shows soon! I still need to do a write up of Entourage Season 4, and also put my thoughts down about House as well. Stay tuned.


Anomaly said...

bitch, u gone tv crazy

Marceyness said...

Yeah I have, all the shows I watch returned!