Friday, May 2, 2008

All the latest...

Been meaning to blog for a few days but things just kept coming up as they do.

Had an okay week, work was busyish for the most part, always had something I had to do. Still got tomorrow as well, only a few hours which is good. I made a few more jewelery pieces at the start of the week. Two more bracelets, and two pairs of earrings. Really pretty too, I have good taste in beads hehe.

I basically finished the website I've been making for work, I put a lot of time and effort into it. Doesn't seem like they care all too much, which is a bit crappy. I've started work on another web page, and at least it feels like I'm doing a good job so far and what I'm doing is being appreciated. There is a lot to do but I've at least started and am playing around with it a bit. I want to make sure it is really good and what they want. We all have an idea of what we want on there, just need to get some more details and photos. It should be really nice.

Went to the doctors yesterday, got my pap smear results, all good, don't have to go again for two years which is good. Kind of sucks having done it in December and because they couldn't get results had to redo it two weeks ago. I also had a blood test, checking a few things, see if it might shed any light on my back problems. Also I got the flu vaccine and damn, my arm still hurts and it might still hurt for another 48hrs! At least I wont catch a killer flu, I should have got the shot last year but didn't. Doctor gave me a script for a medication to take for migraines, so hopefully that works out alright. Got another massage tomorrow, looking forward to that, last weeks went really well. Hopefully my back will improve a bit more, I already feel a bit better but it needs quite a bit of work, and at some stage I'll need to see the Chiropractor.

So what could put a downer on the week? Insurance Mum got for the car and house, like a month ago right, apparently they don't actually bill you for it straight away and instead decided to take the money for it this week, taking all of Mums pension for the fortnight plus extra! So basically we're in a very tight spot for money and everything I make basically has to go to Rent for us both and then basics like food and petrol, things will be a bit tight for a few weeks. And Mums off to Melbourne on the 16th which is also her birthday, going to see sis Rachel and enjoy a great party to celebrate Rachels birthday, house warming and engagement. Sounds like it'll be awesome, but *sigh* I'm staying behind. Besides not really being able to afford a trip at the moment, I can't afford to have any time off work and someone needs to look after the pets. Especially Toby, with him being on two sets of medication and the fact he loves to refuse to take it, its a bit much to ask someone to look after him.

In time I'll have my little holiday, something to look forward to!

Well thats my rant for now, hopefully tomorrow will be a good day!

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