Saturday, May 17, 2008

So the deal is....

I know whats wrong with me now, finally someone decided to actually investigate everything and get down to the bottom of whats wrong. I guess if you wanna know more, just check out This Page

Didn't really have the best week, was in so much pain, felt extremely run down, and things at work were just all over the place. Had things going on most days as well, we had a really nice birthday dinner for Mum and John on Wednesday. Mum left for Melbourne on Thursday night, and she'll be back Wednesday morning. So I'm here alone, and it is awfully boring. I got no transport, and the weather is pretty horrid to go out in when you only have buses to rely on so. Doubtful anyone will visit, Dad was supposed to call and stop past and yep you guess it, didn't phone or come by. Haven't actually had any calls today, Mum will probably ring at some stage though.

Mmm did I mention I got a hell of a lot of burns at work all during the week? The worst one is on my arm, it is right above an old burn scar. Got some nasty steam burns on my fingers too, yeah wasn't the best week.

And after not having a migraine for weeks I feel like I am coming down with one too. Although it could have to do with the fact that after like 7 years I've gone off the pill, just getting the lovely aunt flow right now, so that is probably contributing.

*sigh* yeah I had to rant and get my feelings out. Perhaps I'll do a hot guys pic spam to cheer myself up later lol


Jen said...

How many years ago did I suggest that was what was wrong with you? 2? I distinctly remember saying it!

Jen said...

Also, I will send you a PM about medication.