Sunday, May 18, 2008

Something nice to look at...

ah a guy pic spam, yep hahaha! Need something nice to look at! So Mums been getting me to watch her CSI's and well considering the eye candy, can't complain at all!

So on regular CSI you get George Eads as Nick Stokes and Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders, mmmm.

Gosh check out George Eads here, you could eat off that!


Isn't Eric just sooo insanely adorable???!!

Now Mum has the major hots for David Caruso AKA Hortio on CSI: Miami, I however prefer Jonathan Togo aka Ryan

I need more pictures of him!

Then there is CSI: NY, Mum loves her Gary Sinise, but we often argue over Mr Eddie Cahill, he is one sexifed man! GIMME! He is going to father my children

Ahh I feel much better now!

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