Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Marcey guests on the AITH Podcast

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later hehe, but yes I was a guest on the AITH (Arrow in the Head) podcast titled Bloods, Bullets & Broads. Finally they had the broad part of the title on, after 26 episodes they finally ended the sausage fest and I was their first female guest.

I had such a blast with Ammon and Eric, and I was so happy to get the invite to come on. I think we got a pretty solid show, it was a real blast I gotta say.

You can give it a listen below and check out the website for more details.



jaime said...

This was a good one, last week thay did the Friday 13th (part 2) commentary track, i liked it,But this was a good one.

Marceyness said...

It better be since I was their guest :P

jaime said...

nICE,You are as "cool as ice".(i smell a movie review)