Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Super Podcast Episode 15: No Holds Barred Baby! w/ J.A. Hamilton (JoBlo Writer/Hollywood Raw)

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Super Podcast, this is an episode so epic it comes to you in three parts! As I don’t do these alone, I am joined with another member of the JoBlo family J.A. Hamilton! If you visit the site (if you don’t whats wrong with you, go there now!) you might know J.A. as the C’Mon Hollywood guy as well as writing the comic strip and writing DVD reviews. J.A. also runs his own blog Hollywood Raw which is pretty awesome as well, it is like as awesome as Super Blog hehe. Now that I am done kissing his behind, lets get to the podcast! This one has been in the works for quite some time, so when we got together there was a lot to discuss and a lot of things to shoot the shit about.

Highlights for the 3 parter epic include:

  • The usual sucking up, and giving love to JoBlo and making it quite clear it is in fact not a porn site!
  • We talk about the implications of having your opinion out there and the massive backlash it gets (death threats too .. wha??)
  • We give love to the classic 80’s action/martial arts films, and again Loren Avedon comes up, because he rocks.
  • J.A. likes to name drop on the actors he’s met, and how one he kind of forgot his name!
  • We discuss how much of an impact horror films have had on us, what scares us?
  • For some reason wrestling comes up in the conversation, gotta love that, right?
  • We discuss the problems in Hollywood, and how they affect the genres we love.
  • And much, much, more!
There is so much we discuss, those are only a few of the things you will hear in the three parter epic! It was fantastic to have J.A. join me for the show and hopefully he will come back on soon. He is such a fan of the podcast that he was inspired to write a C’Mon Hollywood based on the subject of Episode 14! Gotta love that stuff right there! Again thank you J.A. it was a real pleasure! As always you can give me your feedback and opinions, I do welcome them, just no death threats please! Find me at marceyness@gmail.com

Part 1
Listen Now:

Part 2
Listen Now:

Part 3
Listen Now:


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