Saturday, November 7, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 14 - Top 5 Worst & Best WTF Film Moments w/Tony Lang (JoBlo News Writer)

Welcome to Episode 14 of the Super Podcast, this latest installment is another top 5 where we over two topics. Now when I saw we, that means myself and my guest Tony Lang from This isn’t just any Top 5, infact we discuss two Top 5’s, Worst and then Best WTF Moments in films. Now you might be asking yourself WTF on that, haha! Well WTF Moments, are moments that either make or break the film. You might be watching a great film and a line is spoken or something happens to just completely throw the film out the window. Or a moment happens that makes you sit up and notice and the scene is so great it sticks with you. This is what we discuss and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Highlights include:

  • Tony introduces himself and we basically kiss each others asses haha
  • We get started on the Worst WTF Moments, and some picks are rather funny.
  • As we get to the middle of our list, I think our choices are just getting us worked up.
  • Our number 1’s are easily moments which are not pleasant and if you liked them, I would love to know!
  • Moving on to our great moments, it is clear just how moved we were by the scenes.
  • Tony picks a scene to a film he didn’t really think was that great, mine I loved.
  • I make a really bad joke, and we move along with our list and it gets very passionate.
  • Our number 1’s clearly mean a lot to us, and they do stand out.
  • And much, much more!

I would like to thank Tony again for joining me for the show, taking the time out to have a good chat with yours truly. Head over to JoBlo and check out Tony’s articles and give him the love or hate he deserves for his work. As always I love to get feedback and hear what your picks might be so feel free to drop me a line at or leave me a comment. Stay classy!

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