Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Machinist


What a fucking weird ass movie. That was basically my first reaction after it finished. I had such a hard time watching it to start with as Christian Bale looked like a rotting corpse! How the heck did he manage that? The lengths people go to for a role! Although just another reason why I love and adore Christian Bale, again he is excellent! He always is, and considering what he did for this role, just whoa! After I some what got used to see him look like a corpse I could get into the film more. I kind of had a feeling about where it was headed and I was about 80% correct by the time we got to the end. If you look closely the hints are all there. The paranoia and guilt in this film, the way it was portrayed was actually rather interesting, the script was pretty good. Christian Bale really connects with the themes of the film, I don't think any other actor could have been as convincing. This certainly wouldn't be for everyone, but I'd definitely recommend it for Bale fans.

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