Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've been so stressed for much a long time, it's been talking its toll on me. So much going on, most of it not exactly good stuff either. And things just keep getting more mental and more stressful. I just feel like I'm going to just shatter and break. I can barely handle this all anymore, last night all I could do was just cry. Are things going to get better? I hope so, but the outlook doesn't look so great for that. All I can do is hope it does. See if I can get through today without losing it. Already not looking forward to today, we're in a huge heat wave, I have to go to work in a place that is hotter then hell. I can't handle the heat very well, in that I have no idea how I will go. Other things there, I'd rather not even get into.

The one good thing I can look forward to is Mum's arrival in 6 days! Can't come soon enough!


Anonymous said...


You'll get there, darling. Your support networks are about to improve, and your mobility, which will make it easier to apply for different jobs, and get to them etc

And until then, you have your friends, who you can always lean on.


Marceyness said...

thanks you xoxox