Sunday, March 16, 2008

sunday morning

So its Sunday morning, woke up not too long ago. I promised Mum I'd chat to her before she went to bed but I slept in and missed her. But she'll be here in 2 days YAY! Tuesday she's here, back home, I couldn't be happier! I have a lot to do today to get ready for her arrival, she can't come back to a messy home now can she? Although with people crashing here it might be a bit hard to do anything until they leave.

So yesterday I did a bad bad thing, I have bills to pay, and stuff, but I went into the Comic Book store in town and they have the book I've been wanting to buy for such a long time! But this is a BIGGER edition then the one I wanted! Its called Showcase Presents SUPERGIRL, it has over 5oo pages of comics, starting with the very first appearance of Supergirl in Superman #123 from August 1958! It covers all the comics she was in until Action Comics #282 November 1961. This is just volume 1, I am not too sure if volume 2 is out yet. But it was pretty well priced, I would have probably paid more if I got it off Amazon whose shipping prices have been insane as of late.

So I went and drooled in Movie Maniacs as well, they had one of my Chewbacca action figures (From TESB, with C3PO), on sale for $49.95! I should have kept it in the box, or bought 2 and kept it in the box as I only paid $10 I am sure for it when I saw it for sale years ago! They had some really neat stuff there, I love the nerdo stores! The Comic Book store had this awesome Supergirl statue I've been eyeing for awhile now but it was $125! I didn't get to check the other Comic Book store, they have some awesome stuff, maybe next time.

I am so sick of this pathetic heat wave Adelaide is going through, breaking records too! So you know its a bad one! The heat is making me so sick, I nearly passed out at work, and when I got home I almost did faint! I'm glad I was at home though! I am pretty sick of work too, its at the point I just don't want to go at all, the only reason I make it there is to get my money. It just makes things that much more depressing when you really don't want to be there and being there makes you so down and out. August will make three years I'm there, and I honestly do not want to be there that long. I need a job that provides more hours, working a few hours a day seems so pointless especially as I have to travel an hour there and an hour back every day unless someone gives me a lift. I can't really afford to live on what I make. So you know that just makes things even more depressing and stressful. And yes the lovely stress, it is taking its toll on me so badly. Hopefully once Mum is here I wont be so stressed and depressed!

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