Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We Own The Night


I expected this to be a bit better, it was pretty average and it kind of dragged in parts. The acting was fine for the most part, Eva Mendes isn't a very good actress she was better in this but still not very good. She almost just seemed to not really know what to do with her character. Joaquin Phoenix was probably the strongest in this, he's a great actor and certainly elevated the role. I thought the script could have been a bit better, seemed a little bit weak in spots. The movie gets better towards the second half I thought, and I found it flowed a little better for me. The soundtrack was great though, probably the best part about the film actually.

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Brasil said...

The song is everything a country tune should be: deep, meaningful lyrics, excellent musicianship, and passionate singing and playing. The song is so familiar I was humming away with it the first time I listened. Another highlight is "As You Turn Away," a song with a catchy hook and incredible vocal melodies and harmonies. If you liked Lady Antebellum's two previous albums, or if you're a fan of country music, you'll love this. Highly recommended!!