Monday, August 6, 2007

Blah blah

So today was a rather boring day, work was a bit busier then it was last week but not by much. It just seemed to drag and drag and drag. Wound up working an extra hour which is good, need the money of course lol. Was just glad to get home, have some lunch and do a bit of exercise, which I am slowly getting back into. I have to be careful not to hurt my back or do anything to make my back pain worse, which is why I am taking it slowly.

Looking forward to watching the latest Entourage, no idea what the episode has in store, but it should be good. Die Hard 4 comes out on Thursday, def looking forward to seeing that, looks like fun. I think we'll go this weekend, or early next week I'd say.

So much else going on, pretty boring, BLAH!

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