Friday, August 3, 2007

So today...

So today...was pretty boring to be honest. I woke up, woke Mike up because his alaram didn't go off for some reason, he wasn't late for work I don't think. So I tried to sleep a bit more, couldn't, got ready for work. Went to work, did some pressing, it was soo insanely boring, not much work coming in at all. Had lunch, then came home, and silly me forgot my iPod at home so the bus trip was that much more boring and irritating. Took Toby for a walk, met another dog on the way lol and then came home, cleaned up. Got such a huge headache, very annoying. Had a small nap, and now I'm here.

Not sure what I'll be doing the rest of the evening, perhaps watch a DVD with Mike and spend time with the kids (The pets), and then sleep. And then back to work tomorrow. What fun huh!

Anyway, check out my two new pictures, aren't I great?

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