Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Lookout

4 / 5

Surprising movie, I wasn't really expecting much, it had a good trailer and I thought surely the movie wouldn't end up being very good. But as I said surprising, it really was quite good! Basically the story of a young guy Chris (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who gets in a bad car accident and gets injured and isn't quite the same again. He lives with a Lewis (Jeff Daniels) a blind man, and attends classes, sees a case worker and does night shift at a bank. He then meets Gary (Matthew Goode), who basically befriends him, puts ideas in his head to get Chris to do what he wants. I suppose it helps through Gary he meets Luvlee (Isla Fisher), Chris fancies her ect... I wont give any more away, as the movie progresses it gets more interesting and intense. Scott Frank, makes his directortial debut and I think he did a really good job, this held my interest from start to finish. All the performances are really good, Joseph Gordon-Levitt can do no wrong. Matthew Goode was surprising as Gary, I think he gave off all the right vibes. Jeff Daniels walked through this, and he did it well. Isla Fisher can play an air head, a cute air head really well. This is definitely a movie I'd recommend.

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