Saturday, August 4, 2007


4.5 / 5

I've been hanging to see this for so long I really expected that I was going to be let down, but nope! I thought this was excellent, just everything about it, I loved. For me this didn't drag at all and it certainly didn't feel like it was almost 3 hours long. Having read up about the Zodiac case many times, I was interested to see a film about it. Going with the people who were involved with it, and became obsessed with it, having it taking over their lives, it was just so intense to watch. It didn't really stray away from the Zodiac either, which I really liked (A problem that I had with The Black Dahlia, the characters just weren't that interesting, and the case was) and in this they kept up with the case. You could see how it affected the characters, and what toll it took on them, without going too much into it. Performance wise everyone was just spot on, and its always great to see Elias Koteas on screen. Anthony Edwards who usually annoys me, didn't in this, I actually thought he was good. Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr were excellent, probably the stand outs. Jake was good too, the only issue, so many years past and he hadn't really aged. I'd highly recommend this to fans of the genre, you wont be disappointed.

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