Thursday, August 30, 2007

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me


This is a great movie, either you watch this after the series, or you just watch it and don't watch the series. This is Laura Palmer's movie, her last days of her seemingly sad, sad life. I don't know why this is so hated, it's typical Lynch. And I don't understand why people found this hard to follow, I found it extremely easy to follow and was not confused over anything. I supposed people expected this to be like the TV show, but no this is much darker, and I think it has to be. I think a sure sign that this wont be the TV show is the opening scene of a TV getting smashed. The first half hour follows the case of Teresa Banks (Who was mentioned in the TV series, the murder the same as Laura's) and we see how Agent Cooper gets involved and then what leads him to Laura's case. It sort of felt forced to have him there, but you also appreciate it as well. It is too bad the disappearance of Chris Isaak's Agent Desmond just happens and we don't have a resolution. I am not sure if it was in the additional 5 hours of footage or if Lynch was going to explore this in another film which he planned to do, but the plans got scrapped (grrr). Once we get to Twin Peaks, the sad story of Laura Palmer unfolds and there are some really powerful and disturbing scenes. Sheryl Lee was perfect as Laura Palmer, she carries the film so well. I was a little annoyed by Moira Kelly as Donna, her character just seemed off. I don't know if it was because of her, or what. Would have been nice if Lara Flynn Boyle reprised the role (Apparently it was due to schedule conflicts and not the nudity). Another great film by David Lynch, I really just adore the man.

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