Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yep thanks Amazon

So one of my orders came in from Amazon this morning, The Shield Season 4, Showgirls Fully Exposed Edition, Dancing At The Blue Iguana and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. So I went to work, blah blah, came home and opened them up, and well the first thing I opened up out of the packaging and Security Stickers was Showgirls and what did I find...this...

Now how in the hell that happened with it being all sealed up I don't know! First thing I did was fill out the forms on Amazon and first it told me I had to send it back and they'd pay me the shipping for it and replace the item. Then I get an email saying oh don't send it back, it's too expensive, we'll send you another one, bill you for it and then refund it back. Okay... a bit weird though, you'd think they'd want evidence of the problem? I guess I'll keep an eye out if they send the item, it states you have to return the item in 30 days or they can't do anything but this does state I don't have to. Bloody Amazon!

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