Tuesday, August 14, 2007



I can't really sum up how I felt about this, shocked more then anything. In terms of the film, I like the way Moore went about it, staying out of the picture for half way through, and when he was in it, he was tonned down. Certainly an important film, and one that needed to be made. While he made points about health care in other countries, I think he painted too much of a pretty picture there, we have to accept that every system has his faults, but some more then others. It was actually quite moving to see the 9/11 volunteers get the help they needed, and how incredibly thankful they were for it. The part in Cuba is a very touching part of the film. Some of the stories coming out of the US are pretty heart breaking, and it is clearly obvious the system there is so flawed and so wrong, something has to be done to change it. I really hope Australia does not go down that path, but the health system here seems to be getting worse as time goes on.

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