Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still


I am sure I was taken to see The Day The Earth Stood Still remake as revenge for Eagle Eye. The film is a massive load of rubbish, it is so bad that it is bad! It doesnt even fall into the so bad its good group like Showgirls and Plan 9. I think Plan 9 had better acting and script then this! The dialogue is awful, all the cast struggles with it and look bad, especially the extremely annoying offspring of Will Smith who should be banned from films. He is more annoying then Dakota Fanning in the War of the Worlds remake. Keanu was perfect, no acting required. Kathy Bates who usually rocks was awful, as was Jennifer Connelly, but given the awful script its no wonder. None of the characters had any connection either. I am positive no one read the script, it is baffling how it got greenlit, monkeys on a typewriter could do better. They basically shit on the original, which is one of the most fantastic films. Watch that and ditch the remake. If I had the choice of watching the remake again or swim in a pool of sewage I wouldn't be chosing the film.

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