Thursday, January 22, 2009


(Posted Jan 20th)


Name::Super Marcey
What Does It Mean:: It means Marcey isSuper
Nicknames:: Super Marcey :p
Are Your Parents Still Together::Nope
Heritage:: Italian
Religion:: I worshipmyself ;) :P
Single or Taken:: Taken
Is That A GoodThing:: Yep it sure is

Perfume::Don't have one
Cologne:: See above
Non-Alcoholic Drink:: Lemonade
Quote:: "Livelong and prosper"
Sports Team:: Juve I guess
Pairof Shoes:: The stripper heels, and boots lol
JunkFood:: Chips
Gum:: Blackcurrent

Have YouEver...
Been In Love:: Yes
Been on a BlindDate:: Guess you could call it that
Ran Out of Gas::Not that I recall
Been Called a Tease:: Probably
Beenin a Major Accident:: Not major
Had AlcoholPoisoning:: Nope
Been in a Fight:: Sure

YourMost Unusual Obsession:: Collecting DVDs lol
Your MostMissed Memory:: Times with family and friends I guess
YourGreatest Weakness:: My good nature, people take advantage
YourBiggest Fear:: Being alone I guess
Your "Can't LiveWithout" Accessory: Phone, iPod lol
Describe YourPersonal Style:: I wear what I like and is comfortable
YourBest Physical Feature:: Boobs lol
Do You Love Yourself::Yeah
Who's Your Best Friend:: I'll go with Dan
AnyTattoos/Piercings:: Just the ears 6 times
How Do You WantTo Die:: Peacefully
Your First Thoughts Waking Up::Urgh
What Are Your Pet Peeves:: Idiot people, stupidpeople, incompetent people
Where Do You See Yourself in10 Years: Hopefully in a successful career and in my own home,maybe a kid or one on the way or in the works.

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