Friday, January 16, 2009


I am really frustrated right now, and pretty pissed off. I just feel like I've been screwed around with employment related issues and its just really f**king me off. It helps to just get this off my chest. The people at this place seem really incompetent, three phone calls, two from the same person about the same thing. And basically the info they needed was provided to them in writing last Friday.

I haven't heard back about this course either, can't get through on the phone, email has gone unanswered. And also I haven't heard back about the interview on Wednesday, neither have the incompetent's and I did write the guy an email to say thank you ect but did not get a reply.

Perhaps I need to stand on a busy road with a sign to state I want work to maybe get some attention. Although I am sure people would only offer prostitution work so perhaps not the best idea.

More then anything I just want to be working, get my life on track, start up driving lessons and everything. But its just too hard with what Centrelink is paying me, I'll be able to pay next months rent and stuff, but now I wont be able to spend anything on myself. So things are going to be pretty tight for awhile.

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