Friday, January 16, 2009



Before you continue, there are possible spoilers, you have been warned.

Hmm what can I say about Twilight? I thought it was really over-rated, I expected a bit more with the way people have been raving about it. I thought the acting wasn't very good for the most part, Robert Pattinson was the worst one, I mean he improved as the film went on but for the first half he was just awful, in a hilarious way I might add. The Cullen family were so weird looking and at times it was intensionally funny. After a while you got used to them, Peter Facinelli was the creepiest looking but at least he was a better actor then most in this film. I really wasn't buying the whole love story thing either, it happened in such a dumb way, it was funny. I mean I wanted to see more passion, but we didn't get that. I also hated the vampire mytho, I thought it was bloody awful and silly, especially when he was in the sunlight.

There are so many just bad scenes which wind up being really funny, in a way that I enjoyed. Like the baseball scene, I thought it was really silly but I still enjoyed it. I can't get over all the swooning for Robert Pattinson, I thought he was cuter in HP. I thought the real hottie was Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen. I can see why 14 year old girls were swooning over this film, but really this was average at best. It was a so bad its good kind of film. I don't think I'll go out of my way to see it again though.

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