Thursday, January 22, 2009


(Posted 21st Jan)

A little excited, I have an appointment tomorrow about doing a course, make sure I fit all the requirements ect... I mean I don't see what will prevent me from doing it, so it should all go well. At least I will be doing something productive and gaining a qualification, which will go a long way in getting a good job.

The job front is looking so bleak right now, less jobs are out there and more people are becoming unemployed. The worst time to be out of work right now, and not hearing back from applications I've sent out and inquiries I've made is getting tiresome. I haven't heard back about the interview from a week ago, the place that has to call me, called me on something else three times last week which if you read my frustrated blog, know all about. But I am pressing on and I am not going to give up. No matter how much shit life throws at me, I am going to come up smelling like roses

Right now I am looking forward to seeing how tomorrow pans out, and hopefully soon I'll be starting this course, can't wait.

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