Wednesday, July 1, 2009


(My ramblings as posted on Empire Aus Forum 29th of June 09)

Not out till the 8th but I just got back from the Melbourne Premiere and my screening was the first in Australia to see the film!

But after seeing it, and I am sure Felicia will agree, I just had to get my thoughts out!

I thought this was actually more funny and better then Borat. Some of the stuff he managed to get away with, I am stunned! The whole movie was gold! There are moments I just could not watch because it was too much, but not in a bad way. He has this way of getting you right out of your comfort zone, and you just don't know if you should be laughing, but you do.

I don't want to go on too much about it, because I'd hate to ruin it. I'll have to write a proper review soon. I am tempted to give it a straight out 5/5

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