Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drag Me To Hell


I have been looking forward to this all year it seems, Sam Raimi back in the Directors seat for a horror film! The trailer looked great, and the more that came out about it, the more excited I was to see it. The reviews had been mostly positive, and it came highly recommended.

Basic plot, a loan officer named Christine (Lohman) makes the tough decision to evict a woman out of her home, in the hopes making the tough decision will land her a promotion. This doesn't sit well with the woman who puts a curse on Christine. Well with a title like 'Drag Me To Hell' I think you can guess where this one is headed!

The film starts off with a bang, we get to see a little about this curse that is going to be put upon Christine, the opening certainly got my attention from the get go, and it was fun to watch. The film then introduced us to Christine, and quickly shows us a bit of who she is, what she is doing and what her motivations are. As soon as the woman (Lorna Raver) shows up, no more quiet life, things do literally go to hell for Christine!

The scenes that follow are great, they are over the top, but that is what makes them so much fun. You know things are going to happen, and the suspense builds up, the entire cinema was giggling with nervous laughter. Raimi knows his stuff, and this is certainly a throw back to Evil Dead 2, it felt like it's cousin actually. The build up, the dark and quirky humour, the use of sound, it all works so well. Like with Ash, he really puts Christine through a hellish ride. The audience ate this all up, I haven't seen many films where the crowd was so vocal and so into the film, it really was such a great atmosphere to be a part of with watching this film. I have to say, I had no idea how this would end, or what direction it would take. The scenes with the seer were actually quite well done, as well as the dinner from hell involving Christine meeting her boyfriend's (Justin Long) parents.

The final part of the film was so much fun, it was over the top, it was gross, it was a great time. I can't say enough about it really, it all just worked and meshed well. I think there was a bit in the film that was predictable but how it actually ended was not. The acting side of things, it was more on then off, Allison Lohman was a good choice. She delivered all the right notes, her character was on and off as far as liking her was concerned, there were just a few annoyances I had. Justin Long was alright, he had the appeal, and he worked. Too bad his dialogue was pretty poor. Lorna Raver was just insane as Sylvia, what a role! She stole the show quite easily.

Do yourself a favour and get dragged to hell! I want to have an Evil Dead marathon after seeing this one!


jaime said...

Great flick, Are doing a movie's of the year list? if so will it be a top 100,50,25,10 or 5?

Marceyness said...

At some stage, it was my number 5 but it has been bumped because I have a new number 1

jaime said...

Cool, it's my n0#2.