Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Writing and thank you

I blogged a few weeks back I had been writing, it is slowly getting there. I have another project in the works and I'd love to get feedback when I complete my first draft. If anyone is willing to have a look see, that'd be appreciated.

Hope you all are enjoying the podcasts, they are fun. The sound will improve, I think I have worked out the kinks. I recorded a preview podcast with Beth for the RHS & CHemme, and that worked well. I worked out why I sounded really low when Steven and I podcasted. I am hoping do to another podcast before the weekend or at the latest early next week, with another guest.

I want to catch Drag Me To Hell this week, if I see it expect a review next week or so.

I was expecting a phone call today, but I didn't get one, very disappointed about it.

I want to thank everyone for checking out the blog, listening to the podcasts, giving me feedback and spreading the word. I appreciate it soo much! You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, it should be searchable in the store within the next 48 hours. Here is the link


Jen said...

For some reason I couldn't get the podcast to play the other day, I'll try again.

Always willing to read your draft, don't know how quick I'll be but willing just the same. :)

Marceyness said...

Ah I think there might be a bandwidth issue, but I am thinking about upgrading my account.

I will have to email it to you when its ready, probably as a pdf :)