Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting it out...

Nice title eh? Well I am getting it out...and that would be this weird and disturbing story I've had in my mind, brewing for quite some time. I love writing, that is no shocker, and I finally could not take it any longer and I finally started getting this story out. Normally I would take to pen and paper but I actually started typing it up. Will anyone ever read it? I have no idea, when I am confident enough I will show it to someone. But it is something I have to write and get out, if only for myself.

As you may or may not know, I do a lot of reading. I enjoy Fiction, some of my favourite books are American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, The Name Of The Rose by Umberto Eco and Different Seasons by Stephen King to name a few. Quite a variety there, and I very much enjoy my non-fiction with True Crime leading the way. I love reading unqiue stories, things that can really challenge me, make me think, leave things open for debate. And those are the types of things I want to bring to my writing, and the story I am writing is perfect. It might possibly be the most disturbing thing I have written, it is part horror. I have worked out my beginning, middle and end, the themes I want to explore, the feelings I want to invoke. It is just a matter of getting it all out, and hopefully in the next few months I can get that done. I can see the story play out in my head, with other stories I've had brewing, they either had only a beginning and middle and no clear ending, or vice versa but with this one everything is there.

Wish me luck!


Jen said...

I want to read your story!!!! I write too, or I did, I haven't written much in a long time.

Marceyness said...

I would love for you to read it, when I have done a bit more in a few weeks I will send it to you for sure :)