Saturday, July 11, 2009

I wanna do bad things with you....

I have just finished watching S1 of True Blood, took me awhile to start watching it. I got the DVD last weekend highly discounted too I might add!

I had heard mixed things about it, more good then bad, and I like vampires (Twilight is not vampies urgh), I like Alan Ball (Six Feet Under is one of the best TV shows ever), so there was nothing stopping me from watching it. I have to say the pilot actually really got me into it, it was quirky, dark, funny, sexy, I enjoyed it. It introduced some interesting (and hot) characters, and I wanted to take the ride with them. Vampires have "come out of the coffin" so to speak and are like the new minority group fighting for their rights. Vampire mythos again is different here and it works so damn well.

There are several love stories with the main one being between Sookie and Bill (the vampire) and believe me these two have awesome chemistry (Anna and Stephen are a real life couple) and its amazing to watch. It blows Twilight out of the water, those two leads had no chemistry, it was such rubbish to watch, bleh.

Forget Twi-shit, watch True Blood and have some fun! There are different storylines going, a main murder mystery plot, for me it was always really engaging. I wasn't bored, and I wanted it to keep going.

Bring on Season 2!

PS: This has one of the most awesome theme songs and credit sequence.


Jen said...

I seriously live for Sundays right now. True Blood is my favourite show! I own Season 1 on blu-ray.

I read the first of the books too and started the second. They've veered away from them a lot so it's kind of cool that I'm not really ruining the show by reading the books. I'm super obsessed with the show at this point.

I don't watch much tv anymore, at all but this show, I freaking live for and I watch Nurse Jackie on demand all the time. (And wrestling of course)

Anomaly said...


Marceyness said...

Yeah this show is addictive, I watched the first episode of S2 and it hasn't skipped a beat. I have no idea why I waited so long to finally get into it. I will likely rewatch S1 again too.

Bill is hot, yeah! So are most of the people on the show.