Monday, September 28, 2009

Cronenberg to remake The Fly?

So apparently according to THR David Cronenberg is in talks to remake his own remake! The 1986 film The Fly by Cronenberg was a remake of the 1950's film (the 1986 version is actually discussed in my new podcast episode), and now The Fly is coming again!

Supposedly Cronenberg is in talks to write and even direct this new version, despite the fact he has publicly said he did not want any involvement in a remake. Sounds rather odd to me, and personally I feel The Fly is a pretty perfect film, and I would actually welcome a sequel by Cronenberg rather then a remake.

Cronenberg is easily one of my all time favourite directors, and I will closely follow this as it developes. I do recall a few years ago Nic Cage was interested in playing Seth Brundle in a remake, talk about bad casting. I don't think this would suit him at all, I am actually not sure who I would like to see in the role. Jeff Goldblum was perfect in the 1986 version, and that is going to be extremely hard to top.

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