Thursday, September 3, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 10 - Top 5 Disturbing Films w/André & Shaun

Disclaimer: For some weird reason Skype decided to be mean and André and Shaun’s audio kept breaking up ect … so their audio isn’t always clear. But the show we recorded was great, so hopefully you’ll be able to make heads and tails of it.

Wow, up to episode 10 of the Super Podcast already! Keeping in with the awesome theme of Top 5’s, this show covers Disturbing films. I am joined once again with Episode 7 guests André and Shaun (Reefer Badness). We pick the top 5 films that have disturbed us, now poor Shaun had no prior knowledge as to the shows subject and therefore wasn’t able to construct a list, but he does mention some films and offers insight into the picks.

Highlights include:

  • Andrè and Shaun had not seen most of my top 5 picks! Since recording they have since seen a few titles!
  • Unlike those guys, I have seen most of their picks, aren’t I cool?
  • We delve slightly off topic and discuss a film which was brought up in Episode 7, Inside.
  • Shaun talks about a film by Takashi Miike and you can read his review here.
  • Our number 1’s are both very different picks and André is awfully pissed off by his number 1.
  • And of course much, much more!
Hopefully you enjoy episode 10 despite the technical issues, I think we got a very solid show. Of course, send feedback to

Listen Now:

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J.A. Hamilton said...

Sooooo, that's a podcast session. I gotta say first off, diggin the accent and fucking love the BLOODSPORT theme music. These people you "interviewed" do you know them are did they "hook up" to your session and go from there?

I'm now intrigued by this whole podcast scene, and need to know more. I have to get one of these going, and if it's a "dial up and join in" kinda deal, I wanna be on your next show! Seriously, I do need you to run me through this now for sure!

Shaun said...

The internet broke up because it couldn't contain our awesomeness! We shook the foundations for sure.

Andre said...

Dude doesn't know what a podcast is? heh.

Marceyness said...

Well thanks for the compliments, glad someone knows where my theme music is from! I will let you know the podcasting process via the FB.

Shaun, Andre, good show guys, good show.