Monday, September 14, 2009

Tarantino on Taxi Driver

I love listening to Tarantino talk about film, and listening to him talk about Taxi Driver is a real treat.


J.A. Hamilton said...

I did these, but I can't help but think two things when I watch Tarantino review TAXI DRIVER and SUNSHINE: One: The guy's a touch condescending. Two: This is far from "off the top of his head" ranting here, he's written and rehearsed these speeches, which in my opinion kinda takes away from the whole process. He tries so hard to deliver this flamboyant, eccentric, over the top bravado that he almost comes off cheesy. Almost. I mean after all, it IS Tarantino here.

Marceyness said...

I didn't think he was eccentric at all. He didn't mention 'alright' once, when he's eccentric he mentions 'alright' non stop and he waves his arms around a lot more :p that was TAME QT mate ;)