Monday, September 7, 2009

MGR Podcast - Episode 4: Bernard Cribbins?

MGR Podcast is from the great mind of Matt Denton, where myself and Will McCaskie join him every week to talk Epic Fails, Epic Wins and Retro Games as well as any other stuff which come to mind.

This episode we were joined by Simulcast's own Bill Stebbins, and whilst we started recording I thought to myself, Bill regrets coming on, the shit has hit the fan! But no that wasn't the case, he enjoyed coming on the show, it was a great time and listening back I couldn't stop laughing!

Be warned, not for the faint at heart! We're all vulgar, and we probably insult all sorts of people (not seriously we love everyone) and have a laugh over ourselves.
If you wanna hear an Englishman, a Scotsman, an American and an Aussie (moi) all do Iron Sheik impersonations, you have found it!


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