Monday, September 28, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 11 - Top 5 Remakes w/Terror Australis

Well after a short hiatus Super Podcast is back! This weeks episode my guest is a schmoe from the JoBlo Movie Forums, a fellow Aussie who goes by the name Terror Australis! I mean with a user name like that, how could I not have him on? We decided to tackle the remakes topic, and instead of going straight to the really bad ones, we thought we could talk about the good ones.

Highlights include:

  • * Our top 5 lists are very different, mine feature more older films, whilst his has some newer ones.
  • * For number 5, I chose a film from the 90’s and my guest has picked a film which really divided audiences upon its release.
  • * Number 4’s are extremely different, my pick is more of a drama whist Terror Australis has a horror film.
  • * For number 3 spot, Terror Australis has a remake of a Japanese film, whilst my pick is one from the 80’s.
  • * Our number 2’s actually feature actors who were in our number 3’s, which was rather odd.
  • * Number 1 picks, mine pick is a few different genres and Terror Australis has a pick won the Best Picture Oscar
  • * We go off topic and discuss a few other bits and pieces.

It was a real pleasure to have some film discussions with my guest for this episode, you can check out his twitter page here. As always if you have any feedback, ideas or anything of the sort or heck even if you want to be a guest, shoot me an email at

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