Sunday, September 6, 2009

Halloween 2007


I saw this awhile ago for the first time and I have been meaning to write about it, so finally I have decided to sit down and do it. Firstly, I had heard mostly bad things about this from all sorts of different people. I thought to myself, yes I can see how people might hate it, Rob Zombie does have haters and a lot of Halloween purists did not even want to know anything about a remake.

Firstly, I am a fan of Rob Zombie's, I liked his Grindhouse trailer, I really dug House Of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. I was actually looking forward to seeing this, I liked the idea of delving into the character of Michael Myers. But I guess all the bad reviews had put me off seeing it and then I just never got around to it. There was also the fact that a work print got leaked and I heard that was good, but the version that got released was quite different and not as good. I saw the uncut DVD version, but all that other stuff did mess with my head.

So what I liked, I really liked the first half where we see Michael as a young kid. He is clearly disturbed, and there are a lot of factors which don't help him. His mother (Played by Sherri Moon Zombie) works as a stripper, his older sister doesn't really care about him, step-father is a dead beat but he seems to care about his baby sister. He hides behind a mask (a clown mask at first, then he finds his trademark), and commits a mass murder. Dr Loomis shows up in the form of Malcolm McDowell who was perfectly suited to the role, to try and figure out Michael and of course help him. But as time goes on, Michael shuts down, and ten years pass. This whole bit was all Zombie, his own creation, his ideas and for me it worked really well. I didn't mind all this back story, for me it was interesting. It was done in such a raw and brutal way as well, and it worked. I thought Sherri Moon wasn't very good though, I do like her, loved her in Zombie's previous films, but I wasn't feeling her here. I thought one of her scenes was good, during a visit to Michael.

The film moves, seventeen years later and Michael's baby sister is now a teenager. She has a job babysitting local kids with some of her friends. And you know the rest, as this part is where the remake kicks in. This would have been so much better if Zombie could have done his own thing. I didn't mind it, but I would have liked some more originality. Scout Taylor-Compton was great as Laurie Strode, I really liked her a lot. The shoes of Jamie-Lee Curtis were not easy to fill but I thought she did quite good. I loved Danielle Harris as her friend Annie, she didn't have a huge role but she was good (Danielle has been in previous Halloween films). Tyler Mane had quite the creepy presence as Michael, he was huge and you could believe that he could easily kill all these people. The cast overall did a mostly good job, but I feel that if they were given better material, more original material they would have done much better and it would have been more memorable.

As I mentioned the film is brutal, but I don't think it was as brutal and gorey as The Devil's Rejects or even Corpses. I just remember those being more bloody at least, I could be wrong though as it has been awhile since I have seen them. Halloween 2 has been getting hammered, people hating it and such. I am going to give it a try though, I liked this despite some flaws.

I will leave you with Zombie's Grindhouse trailer 'Werewolf Women Of The SS'


Shaun said...

Emo Myers, what the hell?

Marceyness said...

He's Emo?

Shaun said...

He is in that poster!

Marceyness said...

I liked that poster

jaime said...

OK! let me say i love this movie & your review was fair,well done but i give the film 5/5.